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LONDON - This project, an art museum was completed while studying at the Architecture Association of London. An internationally acclaimed school where the most contemporary architecture is taught, and where the Deconstruction Movement in Architecture was started. Influential architects such as Zaha Hadid, Peter Eiseman, Daniel Libinskind to only name a few, have taught and lectured there.

STUTTGART - This was my final project, a philosophy institute, while finishing my education in Stuttgart, Germany. It is sited above the city in the beautiful hardwood forest. The design engages the land, creating repose for deep thought, and then opens up to include the view of the city for the sociological reflection. Built into the landscape, there are small dwelling units and a grand structure housing the entry, library, café, bookstore and offices. This design incorporated the organic phenomenological elements of current philosophy and the latest technological inventions for ecological design.

SWEDEN - This project was an international competition I completed while working in Hungary. It was a site in Sweden for an ecological housing development. I integrated the building to the site, using the existing forest and open spaces. Incorporated is a greywater system for waste water and gardens (allowed in Sweden – started by Architect Eric Assmusen). Then I used my experience with the latest echnological inventions coming out of Germany to create solar towers for water preheating, these are the brick chimneys surrounded by the glass walled patios. This area gathers heat during the day, preheating water pipes in the brick chimney, then the heat stored in the brick re-radiates at night. The upper bedrooms can open their windows to this space and as the heat rises it flows into these rooms adding free heat to augment the heating system.


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