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Telluride Ridge House

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RIDGE HOUSE - Built on top of a mountain of solid rock, this house was designed of the site and to the site, embracing the panoramic views and respecting the undulating, impermeable grade. As you wind around the long driveway the house glows like a lantern guiding you toward it. The mineshaft-like entry is perfectly aligned with the famous peak beyond that you see through the 6'x10' glass door even before you enter. Once inside the space expands to reveal panoramic views of the majestic mountains, it’s as if you just stepped back outside but it’s still warm and cozy. Warm rustic textures of wood and stone balance the large expanses of glass. A twist on a modern open floor plan defines the spaces with just a gesture of beams and vertical stone elements, creating a sense of place but allowing the flow of movement from one room to the other to be effortless. The master suite is set off as a cabin by itself connected by a glass breezeway and features a spa-like bathroom. The project incorporated all the function and program this couple needed and gave them back what drew them to the site in the first place - the view and the landscape.


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