Ecological Elegance - Taught by Internationally recognized Big Sur Architect Mickey Muennnig (architect of the Post Ranch Inn Resort and the new baths at Esalen), Lea Sisson draws in her own international experience and mixes it with an organic sensibility that only a handful of Architects in the world still uphold. If you are looking for that serene luxury, that harmony of sheltered space and landscape then this is it. “My clients crave the unusual, the playful, and the unconventional ways of engaging with their buildings and the landscape, they say it keeps them young.”


But what lies at the heart of this is how the design is made to manifest the actual interplay between owner and building. These clients actually engage in dwelling. Their every act is seamless, their flow between spaces or inside to outside is effortless. This is the subtle yet fundamental element of organic design. By creating this seamless flow, spaces can be smaller and more efficient, yet never feel cramped, 800 sf will feel like 2000sf., 2000sf will feel like 5000sf.


Think about the feeling you had when you walked the land and dreamt of living there. That initial feeling of the wind, the sun, the views, the sounds, all of this is the essence of your desire to live in this location. Why would you exclude these vital elements from your dwelling? It would be like placing a box on a beautiful hillside to live in. When inside it you might be in a big city as much as the hillside. Inside the box you have no connection to where you are.


“My clients really feel that being able to engage with the nature as they are dwelling helps them understand its exceptional value. This then leads to healthier living for them and the world around them.”


Let’s speak to the technical side of organic design as well. Imagine if you never had to turn on a light until nightfall to see in your home. What if you never had to turn on the heat or have air conditioning to feel comfortable inside. Imagine the cost of energy saved, let alone the environmental cost of energy saved? What if your natural surroundings were your art (less to dust)? What if the sheer beauty of nature’s garden was your landscaping and maybe your roof? How more ecological could it be? All of this is possible even before adding all the LEED approved materials.


We spend 80% of our time and money in the home. Has there ever been anything more important to the livelihood of ourselves and our family? If this all feels right to you take the time to consider working with Lea Sisson Architect. Enjoy the luxury of living the dream.


How can it get any better than that?


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